Barbara Rayden
Making a difference in mental health

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Barbara Rayden

As Barbara reflected on the many blessings in her life and the best way to share those blessings, she quickly realized that she wanted to help an organization that shares her passion for mental health.

Like so many others, Barbara has witnessed people in her life struggle with trauma and mental health conditions. She has also always had a strong passion for behavioral sciences. Through her career and her own amazing journey of finding clarity and self-esteem through different types of therapy and guidance, she has remained committed to studying, experiencing, and supporting mental health.

Barbara chose to support the Stress Trauma and Resilience (STAR) program at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center because of its potential to change the landscape of mental health. STAR offers mental and psychological support needed to deal with stress and trauma. A variety of programs and services are available for those who have suffered trauma, in addition to community members who work in health care, public safety, the military, and similar high-stress professions.

“We all know people who may benefit from finding solutions through therapy. If only there were the proper resources and no stigma—just imagine how much healthier and happier the world would be,” she said.

Barbara is making a difference in mental health by supporting the STAR program with a gift from her estate. When talking with her estate planner, they strategized the best way to protect her assets during her lifetime while also giving to the causes that are most important to her. A gift from her will was the perfect solution.

“Ohio State is an enormous engine for innovation, growth, research, and aid in our community. My vision and goal is to have as large an impact as I can possibly have in helping the STAR Program achieve its goal of becoming a center for excellence in central Ohio,” she said.


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