Dr. Sylvia Anderson Price—Achieving Charitable Goals With an Estate Plan

Photo of Dr. Sylvia Anderson Price
Dr. Sylvia Anderson Price

Fulfilling the educational goals of future nursing students is high on Sylvia Price’s priority list. She invested herself deeply in her profession as a staff nurse, supervisor, and faculty member. Her professional success allowed her to establish the Dr. Sylvia Anderson Price Scholarship Fund to provide need-based scholarships to students enrolled in Ohio State’s College of Nursing.

The opportunities she experienced throughout her time at Ohio State motivated her to give back to the university. She supports the College of Nursing through both current-use gifts and gifts from her estate plan. “It was time to give back to Ohio State because it gave so much to me and was the foundation for many successes in my professional career,” said Sylvia. “I take great satisfaction in knowing future students can be relieved from the financial pressures of paying for college and can focus their time and energy on studying and improving themselves.”

A scholarship recipient from Central America wrote Sylvia to express her gratitude. The scholarship allows her to focus on her education and learning. In addition, it will enable her to visit her mother whom she has not seen in more than four years. “Her letter of acknowledgment and gratitude of the funding was so gratifying to me on a personal level,” said Sylvia. “Letters like this make it all worthwhile!”



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