Elwood “Chip” Foye
The Contagious Buckeye Spirit

Photo of Elwood “Chip” Foye and his wife
Elwood “Chip” Foye

Native New Englander Elwood “Chip” Foye was in search of strong school spirit, affordable tuition, and a quality education. A Big Ten fan since the age of 10, he watched college football games in the late 1950s and early ’60s on a black and white television. It was during those games that he learned about Ohio State and the Buckeye spirit. In December 1967 he transferred to Ohio State, packed up his Volkswagen Beetle, and made the trip from Maine to Columbus.

“I will always remember that first snowy trip to Columbus, crossing the state line from Pennsylvania to Ohio and seeing the huge sign over the highway welcoming me to Ohio, the Buckeye State,” said Chip.

He quickly caught the contagious Buckeye spirit and became a part of the football game frenzy that he used to watch from his home in Maine. He walked across campus on football Saturdays to watch the games in the Horseshoe, being captivated by the band while watching them practice on the Fridays before games. He even stood in line all night to get tickets to the 1969 Rose Bowl and was featured in The Lantern after he and his roommate hitchhiked from Columbus to Pasadena, California, to watch Ohio State’s victory over USC.

As manager of the men’s ice hockey team from 1968–70, Chip enjoyed traveling with the team and the coaches, skating at the arena, and participating in hockey practices. Chip hopes future players and managers can enjoy similar experiences and create their own memories. To help make this happen, Chip directed a portion of his retirement assets to provide scholarships for future male or female ice hockey players and managers.

“I am inspired to know that someday young players and managers with limited financial means will have the incredible experiences I did,” he said. “My goal is to provide the opportunity for students to focus totally on academics and ice hockey without having to work their way through college, as I had to, and to graduate without significant student loan debt.”

The business administration curriculum at Ohio State set the foundation for Chip’s 38 years in banking. “My banking career and the financial success I achieved might never have happened if I had not attended Ohio State,” he said. “I will be forever grateful for the life learning experiences I received while at Ohio State and for the continuing benefits I’ve received through meeting Buckeye family members from around the world.”

Chip recently began to think seriously about his legacy and the organizations and people who helped shape his life. “It is a calming, joyous feeling knowing that the results of my work are being put to good use,” he said. “The gratification of helping someone achieve a worthwhile goal is far greater than any possession money can buy. I believe generosity is contagious and others will carry on my gift.”



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